The Struggle of Spending Time with God

The struggle of spending time with God seems to hit us all, no one seems to be exempt. In some groups I am in and blogs I read it seems to be an epidemic problem. In our busy lives we struggle to find quiet time or even pockets of quiet time to spend with God. This should not be so hard but Satan has gone out of his way to make sure we live in such a busy busy world that it keeps us distracted from God as much as possible.

We go about our daily lives doing the laundry, dishes, making the beds, cooking, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, being a taxi driver and the list goes on and on and on. Where does our quiet time with God fit in? When do we seek God? When do we listen for Him? What if during all our “doing” we try to stay connected to Him? What would that look like for you?

It seems like sometimes, ok most of the time we give God some time here or there, wherever it is most convenient for us. What if God was interwoven in everything we did? I can’t help but wonder if I have God interwoven in everything I do all day long if I would not struggle so much, that the “time” would just happen.

In this book I am reading, Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph, it suggests doing a prayer walk through your house, praying while cleaning room to room. Dust a picture, pray for that person. Making your bed, pray for your husband’s spiritual walk or lack of and your marriage, that it will glorify God. Making your side of the bed don’t forget to pray for yourself. Picking up your kids laundry, pray for each one. In the kitchen wiping down the chairs again pray for each family member.

Write down a Bible verse, read it often throughout the day, think about what it means, pray about the verse and ask God to give you some new insight about it. Another way to keep connected to God is while cooking or ironing (yes, there are some women who still iron) listen to a sermon online or listen to Bible audio. I have James Earl Jones reading the New Testament and I love listening to him read. Interweave God into EVERYTHING you do. How many times have you taken the iPhone or iPad into the bathroom to do your thing to check Facebook status, emails, play a game or read the news? Really? Am I the only one on the planet to do this? I think not! Try replacing the “i” gadgets with the Bible. Nuff said, you get the picture 🙂

When we make God the main focus in everything we do this time problem seems to go away. He is there all the time. As we talk with our husband, children and our family and friends include God in the conversation.

I challenge you to get God involved in absolutely everything you do in your day to day life and see if it makes a difference. Leave me a message and let me know how it goes for you and how you are getting God involved in your day.





Why this mood God and why for so long?

It has been a week and I can’t shake this awful mood I am in. The more I want to study my Bible the worse the mood gets. I am short and irritable and I am not usually this way. I don’t like it. I just want to say no to studding my Bible and say I want my life back.

I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that God will get me though this. It just seems to be taking so long to get rid of this mood.

I have prayed, I have asked over and over again and still here it is. WHY? Am I supposed to learn something though this. Like never give up maybe? Maybe when this is over I can encourage others to not give up? How will I encourage them though when this is so tough, what will I say to them? Oh, just hang in there and stay strong? God’s timing is perfect? He knows what He is doing? Open the Word and let it renew your soul? I have even told some ladies the last one recently. So easy to say it!

Those sure all sound great don’t they. Yet, here I sit in this mood saying all those things to myself and they are not working. This struggle between the powers that be is ruining my week. Can’t they fight this out without me? I already know I want God to win so can’t they just duke it out while I go about my week in peace?

Why this mood God and why for so long? I wish I could tidy this all up for us all with a powerful answer but I don’t have any answers at this point. I just know that I will continue to have this mood until it passes. I know that I won’t say no to studying my Bible, I know that I won’t say no to saying yes to God and I know I won’t give up! I won’t! I won’t! I won’t!