Obeying God, Oh What freedom…

Today I found that I have the deepest hearts desire to start obeying God and boy what freedom comes with that.

Today I unplugged! I unplugged from Facebook, TV and from Solitaire app game. I allowed these three things to steal a ton, and I mean a TON of my time. God has been after me for over a year to do this. I admit it, I disobeyed and I found no peace in that. I believed the lies that were spun in my head, lie after lie after lie. “You need to stay connected because…..”, “You need to be there for so and so.”, “You need the uplifting messages you get from so and so.”, “You don’t want to let people down.”, “You will miss everyone.” and on and on and on the lies go. I am sure you are familiar with them plus I bet you could add a few more that I am forgetting. We all hear them and we all believe them.

That is what I call the justification game. How can I justify staying or doing what I am asked not to do. How can I tweak it so that I am sort of doing what I was asked but not 100%. Here is a classic example that just went down in the last few days. I am on a Bible study group from Proverbs31.org and when God said load and clear to leave Facebook this is what went through my head. God surly does not want me to leave the Bible study group.” Lie! God knew I was in that Bible study group and God would not ask me to do this if he didn’t want me to leave for a good reason….right? After that lie went through my head here was the next one. “I know what I can do, I can create another Facebook page and only have that group on it.” Lie! God asked me to deactivate not figure out how to stay in the Bible study group. I actually giggled after I thought that one up.

You know what really gets me is that when we believe these lies we miss out on what God can and will do for us. He has great places to take us and we actually stop him from doing so when we don’t obey. Think about that with me for a second. God wants to take me somewhere really amazing, he wants to teach me something that is going to rock my world and I stopped him for at least a year. A year was wasted because I kept believing the lies. Do you have any idea how sad that is? It is pretty sad! Instead of being where God wanted me I am where I only allowed him to take me, which folks is not far at all.

Now where he wants to take me may be a bumpy ride and sometimes it might not be fun and it might even get a little hot but somewhere in the last 24 hours I found the desire to get bumpy, uncomfortable and hot if need be. Deut 2:3 says, ‘You have been going around this mountain long enough! Head north.” That is where I am going, north and the only way I can do that is to stop believing the lies that float around in my head. 

I am here to tell you that we can stop believing all the lies. There is one question that I am finding to ask myself whenever I find myself in a situation where I am asked to do something from God and I start hearing all the lies. Here is the one question you to can start asking: Am I doing this to please man, myself or God? That one question will give us a ton of insight to all the lies we hear going on in our heads. It is as if that one questions will silences all the lies at once and let me tell ya, that is some amazing peace to be had. It is almost like it is a secret weapon that we can use. Next time you find yourself being asked to do something from God and you start playing the justification game ask yourself that question. You might just be surprised at what happens next.

I don’t have a clue as to where God is taking me right now. All I know is that today is the day I start obeying so that he can take me where ever it is he wants to.  I can’t believe how awesome I feel since I obeyed him.

God bless you all on your journeys.