Living so that….


It is time once again to start a Bible study with Proverbs31. Living to that is going to be an awesome study. We are going to dive into the following themes:

1. Jesus came so that . . .

2. God spoke so that . . .

3. Pray so that . . .

4. Trials come so that . . .

5. Let your light shine so that . . .

We just started the first chapter yesterday and I am loving it.

Every week we will have a memory verse to learn and this weeks is: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not parish, but have ever lasting life. John 3:16 (KJ) How exciting to put scripture in our hearts. In the group I am in the question was asked, “Ladies, I’m curious as to how you memorize scripture?”. Ladies wrote in several different ways but the one I think I liked best was writing it in a dry erase board. Today I am going to pick one up and start doing that to see if it will help me memorize scripture. I will erase it everyday and rewrite it. How about you, how do you memorize scripture?

One of the questions this week is, “Why did Jesu so willingly leave the splendor of heaven to enter the squalor of earth? Our journey begins by answering this very question as we examine God’s plan behind sending Jesus to earth.”  Want to know more come sign up and join us.

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A Confident Heart

Today a new Bible study of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope starts over at Proverbs31.

I am excited to be involved with this Bible study as doubt is always lurking just around the corner. In this Bible study we will learn how to stop doubting ourself and live in the security of God’s promises.

Memory verse for this week is:

Then you will know that I am the Lord. Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.   Isaiah 49:23b NIV

Hashtag for this week is:


Chapter Assignment:

This week, we will be reading Chapters 1 & 2. If you haven’t received your book yet, you can read Chapter 1 here. Chapter 2 will be provided on Wednesday.) Check the Proverbs 31 Study Blog daily (if you are signed up for this Online Bible Study then it already emailed to you every day.)

The assignments you receive during the week are all suggestions–you can decide what works for you and your schedule. Each day, you will receive an email (or you can visit the Online Bible Study Blog), which contains a message and your suggested assignment for that day. You will also be invited to leave a comment and share any thoughts or insights on the study and what you are learning. We LOVE it when you comment. This is our community in action!

Let’s get started!!!