Thanksgiving 2013

As Thanksgiving day approaches I sit in a hotel and wait for the arrival of my 16 year old niece. She was little when I saw her last and now she is going to be all grown up. I am so excited! I can’t wait to hear about all the things she has been through and learned over the years and what her likes and dislikes are. It will be fun going to the mall with it all decorated for Christmas and doing some shopping together.

This year I am thankful for family, friends, good health and a few on-line Bible studies I have been involved with. We have one new addition to our family that have brought us great joy. Chico, who we adopted from RAWL just like our other kitty Little One. Chico is a Siamese and is absolutely gorgeous. I think his tail is as long as his body…LOL The cats are great together and I am thankful that they have each other.

I would love hear what you are all thankful for this year so drop me a message below.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Take My Hand Precious Lord by Jim Reeves

When I was growing up we use to listen to Jim Reeves gospel every Friday night to bring in the Sabbath. His voice is so soothing and just brings you to a place of peace. I didn’t know it as a child listening to him that later on in life I would be taken back to some wonderful memories and still find that place of peace when I listen to him.

I know the music is considered old for these days but I hope you enjoy it.

Take My Hand Precious Lord

I’d Rather Have Jesus

Endurance Runner

I am a runner, an endurance runner. I am not fast by any means but I WILL finish the race. While on my 8 mile run this morning this verse came to mind: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 1 Timothy 4:7. God has supplied me with endurance so that I can finish. I will keep the faith and continue to fight the good fight.

This is one of my running songs. When I am getting tired it gets me moving. Yes, the beat is up there but the words are so powerful.

May we all continue to fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith!