White Space?

Over at OBS they are talking about “white space“.  Just in case you don’t know “white space” is where you go to talk to God or read from the Bible. A place to go when you just need to call out to Him and get some strength or just to talk or ___________ (you can fill in the blank).

So all week people have been posting where their “white space” is. I have had to keep asking myself, “Where is my “white space””? I kept coming up with nothing. All week I have been pondering this “white space” topic.

Finally I came up with where my “white space” is. It is wherever my two feet are at the moment that I need to check in, talk, read or whatever it is I am needing at the time. Sometimes in the midst of people I will zone out and just talk with Him. Sometimes I am in my kitchen cooking and I just start talking with Him. There are times I will have my time with Him at the kitchen table, in the living room either on the couch or in the recliner. Sometimes it will be in my craft room, while I am on my run or while I am ironing.

One of the beautiful things that I have found with having this relationship with Him is that it does not matter where we are we can always find time for each other. Quite time can happen anywhere anytime, even in a noisy crowd. It is much nicer though is there are no distractions but if you are anything like me we can’t always wait for that.

If a requirement for “white space” is for total quietness then I guess my house is my “white space“. From the kitchen to the craft room and everywhere in between.

Feel free to leave me a message and let me know where your “white space” is. I would love to here where you like to go to spend time with God.


2 thoughts on “White Space?

  1. I can’t really say at this present time I have a specific “white space” either. Like you, I make the most of my time in the area I feel the need. The shower is a good place and when I lay down at night but pretty much everything is open to be “white space” 🙂

  2. Love the post!! You know..it got me to thinking…I do like to sit and read in my chair when it’s nice and quiet at night..but I have to say (I made a joke about it earlier on this week) but my white space is my bathroom! More specifically- the shower. I have received confirmation from God in the shower, revelation, …He downloads to me in the shower and it’s because it’s the MOST quiet and place in my home..where no one else comes to me. It’s my quiet time 🙂

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