Why this mood God and why for so long?

It has been a week and I can’t shake this awful mood I am in. The more I want to study my Bible the worse the mood gets. I am short and irritable and I am not usually this way. I don’t like it. I just want to say no to studding my Bible and say I want my life back.

I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that God will get me though this. It just seems to be taking so long to get rid of this mood.

I have prayed, I have asked over and over again and still here it is. WHY? Am I supposed to learn something though this. Like never give up maybe? Maybe when this is over I can encourage others to not give up? How will I encourage them though when this is so tough, what will I say to them? Oh, just hang in there and stay strong? God’s timing is perfect? He knows what He is doing? Open the Word and let it renew your soul? I have even told some ladies the last one recently. So easy to say it!

Those sure all sound great don’t they. Yet, here I sit in this mood saying all those things to myself and they are not working. This struggle between the powers that be is ruining my week. Can’t they fight this out without me? I already know I want God to win so can’t they just duke it out while I go about my week in peace?

Why this mood God and why for so long? I wish I could tidy this all up for us all with a powerful answer but I don’t have any answers at this point. I just know that I will continue to have this mood until it passes. I know that I won’t say no to studying my Bible, I know that I won’t say no to saying yes to God and I know I won’t give up! I won’t! I won’t! I won’t!


2 thoughts on “Why this mood God and why for so long?

  1. You go girl! Give that ole devil a run for his money! You are running this race with endurance…keep your eye on the finish line and the prize, and not on the obstacles that may stand in your way…remember that God is cheering you on sister…every step of the way…He is rooting for you to finish the race so He can say, “Well done my daughter, well done.”.

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