So, what happens when you DO say YES to God?

Amazing things being to happen! My whole way of thinking changed, my heart changed, my thoughts changed and when all those things started to happen life become something totally different for me. My path has taken on a whole new direction. This is a path that I have been wanting to take for years now but just didn’t know how to get on it.

There are still trials but they don’t seem like hard trials any more. In saying YES to God there is a peace that I can’t even begin to explain. I just know that everything will be ok in the end. If I can remember to say YES to Him when in the midst of a trial then I know I can make it through. To be able to remember to say YES to Him during a trial I need to stay focused on Him DAILYThis means taking time out of every day to read the Word and to talk with HIm. To let Him know that I am interested in a relationship with Him. There is a “not so good feeling” when someone calls you there good friend but never spends time or chats with you. Have you ever felt that feeling? I sure have and I don’t want God feeling that coming from me.

If you want to say YES to God I highly suggest getting your hands on this book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lisa Terkeurst. If you want to start right away and not wait for it to be mailed to you then get the Kindle version here. As much as I like the book so I can mark it all up I couldn’t wait for it to be mailed to me so I got the Kindle version and I am so glad I didn’t wait another minute.

Start saying YES today and watch your life change right before your very eyes!



2 thoughts on “So, what happens when you DO say YES to God?

  1. Girl you can just hear the excitement from saying Yes to God!! Only 2 weeks in and the work He is doing is life changing for so many. Can you imagine what the next 4 weeks are going to bring?! I agree with Natasha, if you haven’t gotten the book, don’t delay. Thanks again for another inspiring post.

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