Saying YES to God!

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

About two weeks ago I started an online Bible study called “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” through Proverbs31 and what an amazing study this has turned out to be.

When I joined this group I had no intention of staying or even buying the book. This is my first Bible study on line but not the first one I have signed up for. The format of the other ones just didn’t move me or they were impressionable. I joined this one just to see what the format or flow was going to be like. After I got into the study group I was going to wait a few days and then make a quiet exit 🙂 God had other plans 🙂

A wee bit about the leader, Patricia Cordell. Someone posted the first chapter of the book so that the ones who had not received it by mail yet could start on time with the group. Even before I started reading the chapter I had decided to stay with the group. I saw that I could get the book on kindle so I could start on time with the group. What made me really want to stay (the chapter just reinforced it) is Patricia. Her interaction with us as a group and one on one was amazing. So many times there is not enough of one person to go around to get on a personal level. I am sure you know what I am talking about. I am thankful for the small groups! I am thankful for our leader!

This saying yes to God Bible study has been a real eye opener for me. I find that I always WANT to say yes but sometimes it is hard because it is totally out of my comfort zone. There is much that God is teaching us women here.

We have a blog hop day with different topics that we can choose from. I am a bit behind in getting the blog up and running but I was not sure that this is what God really wanted me to do. I guess now we know that I am saying YES to God 🙂


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